Blockalpha - Crypto Made Simple

Block Alpha (BA) is your one-stop solution when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading and investing. The team has used their years of experience to build a simple platform that links to a number of the world's leading exchanges - such as Binance, Valr (Coming Soon) and FTX (Coming Soon). Everything from Trading Signals, Market Analysis, Education, News, Charting - All in one powerful platform. Whether you're a complete beginner or intermediate trader - Blockalpha will take your trading to the next level!

The Who & Why of Blockalpha

We all know cryptocurrencies have awe-inspiring potential, even now, still in its early stages, Crypto has already created life-changing wealth for so many. Yet so few have had the opportunity to participate.

We began our crypto journey in 2016 and it has been a wild ride since then. One of the main takeaways from this time was, learning the nuances of the Crypto market, and how different it is from traditional markets. 

The technical mumbo jumbo, and trading jargon are not what we’re about – in fact, this is why we created Block Alpha.

Most people we met on our journey did not no where to start in Crypto, didn’t have the time to learn all the technical details, or simply wanted someone they could lean on. So we, created Blockalpha, – for our peers, who simply do not have the time to learn, or members of our family, who could not be bothered. Our founder, Brenton Naicker, believes passionately in simplifying access to the space, and this expressed in Blockalpha.

So, no matter what your level of understanding of Cryptocurrency is, Blockalpha is here for you.

Too lazy to learn about Trading Crypto, Blockalpha’s team of analysts will provide you reliable, high quality, and actionable market calls, and using our nifty dashboard, all you have to do is tap, tap, trade!

P.S Blockalpha is a non-custodial platform (this means we NEVER touch your assets) – simply plug in your favourite exchange/s and get going in minutes! 

Blockalpha Media Features

Upcoming Events - Beginners Masterclass: Cryptocurrency Trading 101 (Live 2-Day Course)

The two-day course will be run online by two all-star founding members of the Blockalpha platform – Brenton Naicker and Lynley Pillay, who are well known in the South African Crypto industry. All material taught during the course will also be shared in a concise pdf guide that attendess recieve on completion.

Stop sitting on the sidelines or giving scammers your money. After this course, you will not only walk away with the knowledge to confidently start trading and analysing cryptocurrency markets, but also all the tools you need to start from Day 1! These include registered accounts with the best security practices activated on:

  1. Binance: The worlds largest Cryptocurrency Exchange
  2. Valr: South Africa’s most popular and credible Crypto Exchange
  3. TradingView: The Charting tool of choice for traders globally


DATE: June 28th & 29th 
COST: R2,399.00
Seats are limited, Register below to avoid dissapointment!

DAY 1- (2.5 hours) – Basics & Getting set up

  • Introduction to Trading Cryptocurrency
  • Creation of Trading Accounts( Binance, VALR)
  • Overview of exchange platforms and key features
  • Order Types and when to use which
  • Executing live Orders & Trades on the exchanges
  • Charting for Beginners (TradingView)

DAY 2- (2.5 hours)- Charting & Analyses

  • Candle Sticks
  • Trend lines
  • Support and resistance
  • Moving averages
  • Timeframes
  • Basics of indicators
Actual trades placed using our signals

Step 1:

Register and Sign in to Block Alpha.

Sign up is step one

All of our signals will be sent through our Telegram group, to paid subscribers. You can download Telegram HERE .

You can also click HERE to register an account on Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Step 2:

Choose a package and make payment

The registration process will prompt you to select a package and subscribe. You can view and pay for packages HERE

You can pay using our Payfast option. Simple, secure and convenient.

Step 3:

Set up your Block Alpha dashboard

We send signal alerts to you on our signals telegram group, the signal content is viewed on our your Block Alpha dashboard, where you may action the trade using our unique click, click trade method.

We recommend users register a Binance, as all of our trades will occur there. You can register a Binance account HERE 

Now, just wait for signals and make profitable trades daily!