Crypto Trading Signals

We at DCS spend hours dissecting and analysing information to provide our users with only the highest quality crypto market trading signals. We put in the hardwork, so you can do the smart work

The DCS Difference. . .

We all know cryptocurrencies have awe-inspiring potential ,even now in their infancy they have already created life-changing wealth for so many. But we also understand exactly how complicated and busy life can get.

We began our crypto journey in 2016 and it has been a wild ride since then. One of the main takeaways from this time is learning the nuances of the Crypto market and how it differs from traditional markets. Particularly through the perspective of data science and the multiple publicly available valuation frameworks and indicators, such as the infamous Stock-to-flow model and the Mayer multiple. We’ve seen how truly immature the crypto market is, which is great for us as this results in very deterministic ways to profit.

We know all the mumbo jumbo and tech jargon are not what you’re here for, but it is in fact what we love. This is why we created DCS, for our bosses who were always too busy for us to teach Technical Analysis, to our peers who simply did not have the time to learn or the older members of our family, who could not be bothered to learn.

Now, no matter where you fall in that bracket, DCS is here to provide you reliable, high quality, and actionable market calls, so all you have to do is type in a few digits and profit!

Get Ready, We’re going to the Moon!

We’re going to the Moon!

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Step 1:

Download Telegram Messenger

All of our signals will be sent through our Telegram group, to paid subscribers. You can download Telegram HERE .


You can also click HERE to register an account on Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, and to register an  account on ByBit click HERE

Step 2:

Choose a package and make payment

You can view and pay for packages HERE


You can choose to either pay in fiat or crypto, using either our secure Coinbase Commerce integration or secure Payfast option. Simple, secure and convenient.

Step 3:

Start receiving signals

Once you receive the link via email just click it and you will be added to the group. Now, just wait for signals and make profitable trades daily! We recommend users register a Binance and ByBit account, as all of our trades will occur there. You can register a Binance account HERE or a ByBit account HERE.

Next steps...

Check out all available packages by clicking “Get Started!” or simply go to the Pricing page. Once you’ve selected a package, make payment and you’re ready to go. Remember, use the links above to Register an account on Binance and ByBit, if you don’t already have one.

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Also, If you are a TOTAL Beginner

We have the ultimate beginners Kick-Start Guide to Crypto Trading. This will teach you everything you need, including how to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies, registering and using the Binance Exchange and ByBit platform(margin trading), and converting your profits back into cold hard cash in your bank account. It includes pdf guides, video tutorials and a 45 minute Skype/Zoom session with an analyst to clear up any pain points.


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