The Cryptoasset Masterclass is a regular event held by the trading and analyst team from Daily Crypto Signals. The purpose of the class is to teach individuals “How to Profit from the Cryptoasset Revolution”.  The event is aimed at teaching new users the basics of cryptocurrency as well as how to profitably trade the Cryptoasset market.



Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to put our in-person events and classes on hold. However, we know that this lockdown is a key opportunity to learn and acquire new skills.
This is why the team is happy to discuss Zoom/Skype session classes, which has proven extremely effective in the past. The content will take 2-3 days to cover, with 2-3 hour sessions a day.
During this time we will register all of the necessary accounts and tools with you online, teach you to use them, and test all your skills in a live environment for maximum efficacy.
For these classes to be cost-effective we recommend getting 3-5 friends together and splitting the cost. All courses can be tailored to your specific needs and skill level (Basics, Risk management, analysis and valuation frameworks, all the way to algorithmic trading).


For more information reach out to one of the following addresses: