Crypto Masterclasses with Block Alpha

As part of our education and training, we offer a range of masterclasses, focussing in three areas: An introduction to crypto; Trading in Crypto; Advanced Crypto.

Our classes and content, are created by Lynley, with Brenton supporting in creating course content and curriculum. We do not profess to be masters of all topics, so we also invite guest speakers who are experts in their fields.

The images depicted below are of our hosted masterclasses held, pre-COVID. We have moved this programme online, but look forward to the days when we can do these types of face-to-face engagements again.

These Crypto Masterclasses are regular events. The purpose of the class is to teach individuals “How to Profit from the Crypto Revolution”.  The event teaches new users the basics of cryptocurrency as well as how to, profitably, trade the Cryptoasset market.


An Introduction to Crypto.

This is a free to access class, specifically to help curious newbies to get to grips with basics on Crypto. It is a 2 hour masterclass that we run regularly. (watch our social media pages for scheduling notices)

The programme focusses on:

  • The history of money and Bitcoins value proposition
  • What is Bitcoin, in simple terms, and what gives it value
  • How to easily and safely get started with Crypto trading, investing or education.
  • Red flags and how to avoid scams and stay safe in the Crypto space


How to Trade Crypto

This is a 4 day course, 3 hours per day, teaching how to trade and also how to use Block alpha and Binance effectively. Free access to Block Alpha VIP members

The curriculum:

DAY 1- (3 hours)

  • Introduction to Crypto Trading
  • Candle Sticks
  • Charting
  • Trend lines
  • Support and resistance
  • Moving averages
  • Timeframes

DAY 2- (3 hours)

  • Create Binance Account
  • Create Block Alpha Account
  • Send Signal on Block Alpha
  • Go through Block Alpha and Features
  • Execute Trade on Block Alpha

DAY 3- (3 hours)

  • RSI
  • MacD
  • Stockastics
  • EMAs
  • Fibs
  • Different Assets

DAY 4- (3 hours)

  • Recap of curriculum
  • Interactive live trading
  • Q&A’s


Watch our social media channels, and community groups for the next scheduled programme start date and rates.


Advanced Crypto

These webinars target the more technically minded among us. It delves deeply into the higher-end opportunities, like Arbitrage, Liquid Swap, Staking and much more. Free access to Block Alpha VIP members

Watch our social media channels, and community groups for the next scheduled event and rates.


If you would like to know more, why not drop us a line here form and one of the team will call you.